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Project 5
Neelanjana: we got a great experience about the vermicomposting; the ways it is done, benefits of it and the usage of vermicomposting not only in India but in foreign countries.
Janhavi: because of the activity the students got to know more about teamwork and confidence while performing the acts. The remaining students also enjoyed the acts and got more and more information.
Yugasha Purohit:
I did a project where I learnt about the Brahmaputra river, about its origin, pollution and how can we control it. It made me learn many new things which I never knew before I started this project. I as a citizen of India should take the responsibility to create awareness in our society. The river on which I had done my project that is Brahmaputra, is one of the greatest prestige of India. We should take good care of the rivers as we are partially dependent on these rivers. I learnt to work in a team and also this was my ISA project that I had worked in a team. We all gathered a lot of information about the Brahmaputra. And I hope we will do this again just as we did this time.
Devangi Bhamare:
The ISA Project 5 was a very knowledgeable as well as interesting activity held by the school.We learned a lot about the various methods of recycling biodegradable waste by methods such as Vermicomposting.We also came to know about the use of natural resources such as wind,water and solar enery. It was a nice way as we learned a lot throughout the activity.
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