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    Education for Global Citizenship
Education for Global Citizenship
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Education for Global Citizenship is our goal for the future as it is essential in helping young people rise to those challenges for the following reasons
The lives of children and young people are increasingly shaped by what happens in other part of the world.  Education for Global Citizenship gives them the knowledge, understanding skills and values that they need if they are to participate fully in ensuring their own, and others well being and to make the contribution both locally and globally.
Our future plan is to get involved in more International activities like Fulbright Teacher’s Exchange Program. Cross cultural exchange on sports and games has already been done with Japan and Sweden where our students of the school performed at a global platform.  Our school would like to host students from different countries with whom we worked on our ISA projects.
Our main future endeavor is to sustain the relationship with our partner schools in US, Russia and UK.  So that we would have a lifelong exchange process in order to widen our channels of learning and communication and establish new partner schools in each continent so as to get a broader view of entire world
ISA has definitely augmented our International policy and has given us a new platform to work with schools across the globe. Cultural understanding , international activities would be a part of our curriculum along with the global issues, cultural diversity and conflict solving solutions to think globally. We look forward more for such endeavors with our school in order to produce ‘Good’ and ‘Responsible’ Global Citizens.
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