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International School Policy
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“Creating Global Citizens” City International School has always strived for its mission statement with a tailor made curriculum developed to expose the children to wide range of cultures and activities. Our students graduate as confident global citizens, who are ready to think themselves, face challenges and get sensitive to the problems world wide. In keeping with the changing times, the international aspects of the school life is emphasized. Education for global citizenship gives children and young people the opportunity to develop critical thinking about complex global issues in the safe space of the classroom.
The world today has condensed into a global village. Our students are well connected to various international activities, as our Primary goal is to create educational global citizenship that is wider than a single scheme of work or subject, our curriculum for global citizenship is based on years of experience in development of education and internationalism, thus enhancing the international understanding and creating peace; making the world a more compassionate place for all.
  Aims and Objectives of the International Policy
  The School motto is “Creating Global Citizens”.
To create awareness among students and staff of History, Culture and Technology across the globe and appreciate the diversity of our planet.
To engage multitude of creative and innovative activities which help children to express themselves freely
To establish links with citizens of other countries and Schools across the globe.
To explore the students to a range of international cuisines and get acquainted to an array of culinary delights.
To facilitate a scientific temper amongst students by celebrating International Science days.
To increase staff capability towards international understanding and international dimension of learning.
To prepare dynamic and caring citizens to meet the challenges of a global society.
To sensitize children towards complexity of global issues and develop critical thinking skills to become global citizens.
To sustain the developed links with the schools in various parts of the world
To understand how we relate to the environment and to each other as human beings.
To make use of every opportunity for our students to travel and meet people from varied backgrounds and cultures.
To teach children to face challenges of today, to explore, develop and express their concern towards the problems of other countries.
The School extended a warm welcome to the various International Guests, Deputy Consul General of Russia. Mr. M. Alexey, Russian school principal Mr. Andy Dimentiv and Vice Consul of American Centre Ms Swati Patel and  Mr. Janardhnan to our School for an exhibition on International School Award (ISA) projects. We had Japan consulates visiting our school along with National Board of American Football team encouraging our students. Delegation from our partner school Holy Family School from Lancashire, United Kingdom, Ms. Catherine Watts and Ms. Marry hugues visited our School in the month of June as a part of Global School Partnership.
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